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Calling all K-Pop fans!

We have entered the month of September (wow, the year 2020 has somehow simultaneously been the slowest and fastest year of all-time), which means it’s time for new FanLabel Fantasy Contests. We’re trying something new with one of today’s fastest-rising genres: K-Pop. For a reminder on how to play FanLabel’s Fantasy Contests, click here

As usual, FanLabel players start with a virtual signing budget of $10,000 to add artists to their label. For each of the four weeks throughout the season’s duration, sign the artists you believe will generate the most total streams. Keep in mind, labels must reenter each week to continue to participate. 

With that said, the K-Pop Fantasy Contest slightly differs from previous contests due to the extreme popularity of the band BTS. The boy band’s streaming totals make it extremely difficult for other acts in the genre to compete. Normally, artist values would vary and no one act would cost more than 5,000 virtual dollars. In this case, it’s BTS versus everybody else, so players must decide if they want to spend their entire budget on BTS, or use it to sign multiple artists in hopes of surpassing the group. 

Here are the available K-Pop acts, and their signing costs, from highest to lowest: 

  • BTS (10,000)
  • BLACKPINK (7,000)
  • ITZY (3,000)
  • Stray Kids (3,000)
  • ATEEZ (2,000)
  • SEVENTEEN (1,500)
  • GOT7 (1,500)
  • TWICE (1,500)
  • MONSTA X (1,500)
  • NCT (1,500)
  • BIGBANG (1,000)
  • MAMAMOO (1,000)
  • SuperM (1,000)
  • DAY6 (1,000)
  • (G)I-DLE (1,00)

Strategy will be key to success, and players have a decision to make: whether or not to pick only BTS, or a combination of the other artists.

Here’s some valuable information that will help you to make informed picks (all metrics used are based on Alpha Data): 

  • There is a lot of incentive to go all-in on BTS. The group has well surpassed the 1 billion streams mark in 2020 alone. 
  • BLACKPINK, in combination with other artists, could be BTS’s biggest challenger. The girl group’s lifetime stream count is well over 1.2 billion.  
  • Stray Kids is no slouch, either, pulling in 5.1 million streams in the last week-to-date.
  • Girl Group ITZY has recently seen a 3.4 percent increase in streams week-over-week, generating 4.8 million streams in last week’s cycle. 
  • MONSTA X has accumulated close to 90 million streams so far in 2020. 

Payouts (Virtual Royalties)

Weekly rewards:
  • Top five percent of entries: 10,000 Royalties
  • Next 11 percent of entries: 7,500 Royalties
  • Next 12 percent of entries: 5,000 Royalties
  • Next 33 percent of entries: 2,500 Royalties
  • Remaining entrants: 500 Royalties
Full season:
  • First place: 20,000 Royalties
  • Second place: 15,000 Royalties
  • Third place: 10,000 Royalties
FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

Enjoy great music and fun contests as you operate your own fantasy record label in the FanLabel app! Pick the songs you think will rise on the contest charts. Compete for the top spot and become a music mogul!