Give it up for yourself:

the fan.

Without you, who’d play the music? There’d be no shows to go to. No streams, tours, or fandoms. 

No MTV, iPods, or even Spotify. The Apollo or Garden never would’ve been filled. No one tuning in to see those boys from Liverpool on The Ed Sullivan Show. There’d be no Summer of 1969, or Summer of Soul. No Moonwalk, hip-thrust, no reason to Vogue. 

Because you’re the reason the music industry exists, we want to give you more for your fandom. We designed a platform where fans like you can take control and change the way you engage with music you love in the same way fantasy gaming has for sports.

How do we do it?

  • By offering a platform that acts as an intermediate between fans and artists, allowing users to “invest” in a song by an artist – the better performing the song, the more rewards the users receive
  • By making listening to music more exciting! Transforming players from passive listeners to active advocates through our community-driven, gamified experiences
  • By harnessing the competitive nature of players, the platform supports habitual behavior that keeps players coming back every day to experience what’s next
  • Introducing our users to emerging artists, allowing them to launch the next big artist and support them through their journey
  • By rewarding our players’ commitment through relevant, exciting rewards like exclusive merch, live and digital music experiences, plus the ultimate bragging right of knowing which songs were popular before they burned up the charts

So, it’s your turn to take center stage. On FanLabel, the spotlight shines on how each fan is impacting the music industry.

Because without you – the fan – there’d be no music.

We enable the FanLabel community to become a series of “micro-labels”; creating talent scouts out of thousands of players, each one trying to earn amazing rewards by proving that they not only know music, they know hit music. This is achieved by using data and analytic insights to optimize an existing strong framework and continuing to integrate a compelling model of social gameplay tethered to music, with listeners at the helm, at every stage.