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Here’s a walkthrough of some of FanLabel’s challenges and contests. Get ready to play and to discover new music while you’re signing songs and artists to your very own fantasy record label! Let’s start with our popular Best of Five challenges. 

Fantasy Contests – The Hits

Fantasy Contests are the most similar to how people play fantasy sports. While other challenges focus on songs, Fantasy Contests focus on artists’ discography. With these contests, you can sign artists of three tiers based on how high their historical, real-world streaming numbers are. The tiers are: “Top Performers,” “Rising Stars,” and “Up-and-Coming.” 

While you’re looking for the perfect artists to sign, you can play a sample of one of their most popular songs. These contests also usually vary by genre. When you sign an artist, keep in mind that you’re banking on their overall streaming numbers over the contest period in comparison to other artists in their tier.

fantasy contestBest of Five Challenges – New Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative and Country Releases

Once you create your own record label in the app, you can dive into one of these genre-themed challenges that feature new songs every day. We have daily challenges for Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative and Country from a combination of popular and brand-new, rising artists. 

When we say “brand-new,” we literally mean they’re just dropped, and you’ll almost never find a repeat within our Best of Five Challenges. We have a fresh leaderboard every Saturday for each genre, so no matter how new your label is, you can show the world you know music by picking high-streaming songs each day through the week. 

best of five Quick Picks – New and Old Releases of Any Genre

Our Quick Pick challenges give you two songs to pick from. You pick the one you think has racked up more streams in the past week. When we curate these challenges, everything is fair game. Classic rock tunes? Yep. Movie soundtrack hits? Oh yeah. Russian carnival electro-funk accordion pop? OK… maybe not everything, but you’ll definitely find a wide variety within these challenges. 

Keep in mind: We have 10 new Quick Pick challenges that populate in the app each day, so be sure to check in multiple times per day to earn more Royalties – each individual contest could earn you 100 Royalties!

quick pick

Crowd Favorites – New and Old Releases

Crowd Favorites are similar to Best of Five challenges, but the winning song is based on which song out of the five is the most-signed by players in the app. With our daily Crowd Favorites, each group of songs usually follows a particular theme. This could range from songs by one particular featured artist to songs that fit a certain holiday theme, and anything in between – both new and older releases.

crowd favoritesNow it’s time to jump into the FanLabel app and start growing your fantasy record label! 

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on your strategy, check out our piece on how to earn more Royalties in FanLabel

See you on the leaderboards!

FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

Enjoy great music and fun contests as you operate your own fantasy record label in the FanLabel app! Pick the songs you think will rise on the contest charts. Compete for the top spot and become a music mogul!