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It’s easy to create your own fantasy record label in the FanLabel™ app. The idea is to earn as many virtual Royalties during gameplay as you can. Not only do those Royalties rocket you up the FanLabel leaderboard, but they can also help you win real prizes. And coming soon, you’ll be able to spend those Royalties to buy real-world merchandise and experiences, like concert tickets.

Since earning Royalties is so important to gameplay, we thought we’d share key ways to earn Royalties within the app. Use these tactics to rack up your earnings!

Play the Contests

FanLabel now offers a variety of challenges and contests. The more of these that you complete, the more Royalties you earn. Here’s how to have fun playing each type and how to win more Royalties while you’re at it:

Quick Picks: Sample two songs and pick the one you think will get the most real-world streams between today and tomorrow. To preview the song, tap the album art. To pick the song, tap the FanLabel logo in the corner of the album art.

Results are posted next day. If you picked the song that got the most streams, your label gets 100 Royalties. And they add up! There are 10 new Quick Pick contests uploaded daily, so you can earn as many as 1,000 Royalties just like that! Not bad odds, either: You’ve got a 50/50 chance of making the right choice each time you play!

Tap the little “?” next to the Quick Picks heading for more instructions.

Best of Five: Preview the five songs included. Depending upon the specific challenge you play, you’ll either pick the one you think will get the most real-world streams or the one that most other labels on the FanLabel platform will pick.

Return next day to see the songs ranked from No. 1 (most streams or picks) to No. 5 (least streams or picks). The Royalties you earn are tiered here. So, the No. 1 song pays out the most Royalties at 1,000, No. 2 pays a little less, and so on until No. 5, which pays out the least. The key here is to play these contests every day, because you are guaranteed to win some amount of Royalties – even if you picked the No. 5 ranked song.

Tap the little “?” next to the heading for these challenges and contests for more instructions.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

A feature coming soon to FanLabel, being a promoter is another great way to generate Royalties. In the music business, record labels promote their artists and priority songs. In FanLabel, you get bonus Royalties when you promote. You’ll find the Promote button located at each song and challenge within the app. When you tap that button and share with your friends, you can generate Royalties in two important ways. One way is the bonus we award you each time you spread the word about the song or challenge. The other way is more strategic. When you share the songs you’ve picked, you create awareness. That can lead to people streaming the full song on their favorite streaming service. And all of a sudden, you’re having a real impact on streaming data by promoting awareness. This leads back to how songs in the Best of Five contests end up getting rank ordered. If you help bump a song from, say, position No. 3 to position No. 2, that could be huge!

Tips for deciding which song will earn more streams:

There are many reasons why one song may outperform another in streaming popularity. And it goes way beyond whether the artist’s first name is Taylor, Cardi, or Justin. Here’s a little song selection coaching from our curation team.

Use these tips to maximize your Royalty earnings:

  • Popular artists who cross over between genres, such as Post Malone (Hip-Hop/Pop), Cardi B (Hip-Hop/Pop) and Billie Eilish (Alternative/Pop) are more likely to have high streaming totals because these artists appeal to wider audiences.
  • The artists who are more active (i.e. drop songs and/or albums multiple times a year) are also more likely to stream higher because of the sheer volume of content.
  • Older songs sometimes see a random resurgence for a variety of reasons. It could be because a new version of a track (such as acoustic or remix) was released, because of a live televised performance, because of a social media post or it could be that the distributor is pushing it to the public again. Don’t count out older tracks!
  • Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services have playlists for just about every genre. Songs being featured in a playlist from these streaming giants does a lot exposure.
  • Artist fan clubs are for real, and they are passionate. If you see social media or other public pushes from these fan armies, you can count on that artist having an uptick in streaming numbers.
  • Speaking of social media, you can get a pretty big hint of just how popular an artist is based on their number of followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Songs with collaborations, especially between two big-name artists or two artists from separate genres, are usually raking in the streams.
  • Artists who appeal to an international audience are going to have a wider reach, and thus higher streams, for obvious reasons.

Want more tips on how to choose the right song? We’ve got you covered.

Download the FanLabel app, and begin racking up those Royalties today!

FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

Enjoy great music and fun contests as you operate your own fantasy record label in the FanLabel app! Pick the songs you think will rise on the contest charts. Compete for the top spot and become a music mogul!