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Time to look forward, music lovers. We can’t help but look at the year ahead and think about all of the great new music to come.

Here are our picks for FanLabel’s Artists to Watch in 2020, who you’ll hopefully be hearing in the FanLabel app soon:

Nasty Cherry

This four-girl band jumped onto the scene in January with an Instagram post reading, “Hi. We’re Nasty Cherry and we’re the best band of 2019.”

Since then, they’ve released a series of singles followed by their EP, “Season 1.” They were brought together by pop artist, Charli XCX, and also have their own Netflix special, “I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry.”

Could they be the best band of 2020?

John Lindhal

Pop artist John Lindhal has worked with artists and producers including Logic, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. He showcased his wide range of talents with the video for his single, “All Day,” his first release since his debut EP in 2017. 

Lindhal continues to outdo himself with each new project, leaving audiences excited for what the New Year might have in store.  

Kylie Morgan

Having begun writing songs at the age of only 12 years old, Kylie Morgan is both a great singer and storyteller. While we await her debut album, we’ll definitely be streaming her new single released this past summer, “Boys Girl.”


Rapper/singer REI AMI’s Spotify bio currently just says “hello kitty with a knife,” and nothing could better describe the vibe her music has given us so far. 

The music video for her second officially-released single, “SNOWCONE,” has already raked in 1 million views. 


Artist Elizabeth stepped onto the scene this year with the release of her single, “parties.” Her new album, “the wonderful world of nature,” delivers sad banger after sad banger. We can’t wait to hear what she serves up with her next project. 


Twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter-producer Naaz put out her debut project, “Bits of Naaz,” in 2018, followed by an EP this year called “the beautiful struggle.” 

Not only has she written a great collection of songs, but she definitely has the voice to match. 

Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo’s fusion of Latin-influenced indie pop and traditional Latin beats has truly let him stand out as an innovator. Even in today’s ever-changing music industry, this artist is one of the few who can make a true claim to uniqueness. A self-taught guitarist, his creativity flows seamlessly through both voice and instrumentals. 


Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie gave us a glimpse into her world in 2018 with the “Sugar and Spice” EP followed by her 2019 album, “Keepsake.” We can’t get “Without A Blush” out of our heads, and we certainly can’t wait for her next release. 

chloe mk

The Voice season 13 winner, Chloe Kohanski, dropped her “Fantasy” EP this year under the name chloe mk. Serving crisp production, fantastic vocals and futuristic visuals, we’ll be eagerly awaiting her future work.

Winona Oak

A Swedish singer-songwriter, Winona Oak broke into the scene with her Chainsmokers collaboration, “Hope.” Since then, she’s released three powerful singles, keeping her growing fanbase excited for her next drop. 

Ryan Beatty

California-based singer, Ryan Beatty, drew attention with his cover songs on YouTube back in 2011. The following year, he released his debut EP and supported Cody Simpson on tour. 

He took a break from music for a few years, returning with features on BROCKHAMPTON’S “Saturation II” and “Saturation III” along with his album, “Boy in Jeans” in 2018, establishing himself as a meaningful voice in the alt-pop scene. 


Australian singer-songwriter CXLOE released her single, “Tough Love” in 2017, followed by two new tracks the following year. Now on a more consistent roll, she gave us four new tracks in 2019. Our favorite is “Devil You Don’t,” a groovy dark pop song about how sometimes, you’re better off not knowing what some people are capable of. 

She teased Refinery29, “I’ve never released an album before, but I will be releasing one early next year. And more performances and tours, of course.”

Arin Ray

Most wouldn’t remember Cincinnati native Arin Ray as a contestant on the hit reality show X-Factor in 2012. But almost a decade later, he’s paved a bold new path for himself as one of today’s most talented pop/R&B singers. With recently released collaborations with stars like Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign and DRAM under his belt, it’s clear 2020 is going to be a big year for Ray.

Renee Blair

Nashville-based country artist, Renee Blair, has released a collection of hard-hitting singles since 2018, breaking big on Spotify this summer with her song, “Girlfriend.” 

Check out our interview with the rising star on FanLabel’s Play the Music podcast here!

And that’s what’s on our radar at FanLabel. Did we miss anyone you think should’ve made the list? Hit us up our social channels to let us know!

FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

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