Welcome to the first edition of FanLabel’s Friday Send-Off playlist! Going forward, we will share our favorite FanLabel tracks from the week each Friday for your weekend listening pleasure.

Quick reminder on how the FanLabel app operates: FanLabel currently features four genre-based contests on a daily basis: Hip-Hop, Country, Pop and Alternative. Five songs in each genre — known as the FanLabel Five™ —  are live in the app each day. You pick the one in each genre that you think will stream the most. Return daily to see the results.

If you add it up, that totals 140 unique tracks in a week. For your Friday Send-Off playlist, we take that master song set and narrow it down to this 20-song playlist, a mix of some of our favorite songs from each genre.

You will likely recognize some of these tracks and artists, while others you may hear for the first time (yeah!). And while the majority of songs used are new or recent releases, you’ll also hear hits from big-name artists in each genre, too.

FanLabel’s Best of the Week Friday Send-Off Playlist:

Be sure to download the FanLabel app and let us know your favorite songs from the week in the comments section!


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