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The Live Entertainment Business | #18

On this episode of Play the Music, Jeff and Rich interview Shannon DeVries, Director of Programming and Production at the Kalamazoo State Theatre. 

With a background in marketing, talent buying, venue/show management and customer service, Shannon worked her way up from internship and errand-running gigs to her current title. Previously, she worked with Palace Sports & Entertainment, Live Nation and more.

During the show, Shannon discusses:

  • How she got her start in concert planning
  • Whether artists today receive more money from touring or streaming
  • Interesting trends within the live entertainment industry today
  • Artists who have emerged as top stadium tours, and types of artists who perform at amphitheaters and theaters
  • How concert venues assist artists with retail via merch
  • Tips for consumers when it comes to purchasing concert tickets
  • The behind-the-scenes process of putting together a show
  • Math and magic

For more from Shannon DeVries, follow her on Instagram at @theesixtwo, and to keep up with the Kalamazoo State Theatre, visit the official website.

shannon devries

Shannon DeVries

After the interview, Jeff, Rich, Shannon and Mick make their picks for this week’s FanLabel “Hot New Music” Best of Five Challenge.

Then, Mick shares this week’s top five players from FanLabel’s hip-hop weekly leaderboard results.

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