A Masterclass in Music Copyright and Royalties | #17

On this episode of Play the Music, Jeff and Rich interview George Howard, professor of Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music. He is also a copyright attorney, author, co-founder of Music Audience Exchange and co-founder of TuneCore.

During the interview, George discusses:

  • Copyright ownership for musicians
  • What “royalties” mean (and how they work) in the streaming era
  • How emerging artists can break through to get their music heard (and how to make money from their music)
  • Which platform pays artists the least in royalties for their music
  • How an artist learns the ins and outs of the legal aspects of the music industry
  • Why being a great artist requires a good business mind
  • Trends related to copyright and royalties that he thinks can positively impact aspiring musicians

Then, Jeff and Mick make their picks for this week’s FanLabel “Hot New MusicBest of Five Challenge.

For more information on George Howard, follow him on Twitter and read his book, “Everything In Its Right Place: How Blockchain Technology Will Lead to a More Transparent Music Industry.”

Later in the show, Mick discusses new features in the Marketplace and provides an update on the top players on the FanLabel leaderboard, including:

  1. CrystalCK – Crystal
  2. Potato Jams – Lana
  3. TSArban – Tyler

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