2020’s Disco Pop Revival

Characterized by its four-on-the-floor boots and cats beats, sexy syncopated basslines, and the occasional string section and synthesizer, disco music rose to the mainstream in the 1970s. Since its reign during that decade, it really has lulled at times, but never died off. And it probably never will. 

While the genre’s power hasn’t quite gotten back to where it was during its prime, we’ve gotten to hear plenty of disco-inspired songs rise up the charts in waves over the years.

In 2020, we’re seeing disco in the spotlight again with recent hot hits. Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” climbed its way to the Billboard Hot 100 top 10, featuring a driving beat, slapped bass and groovy strings. Doja Cat’s “Say So” is also hot on the charts, especially with its popular dance on Tik-Tok. Harry Styles’ “Adore You” also has some slow-tempo disco influences. Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” and SZA & Justin Timberlake’s “The Other Side” both draw from the subgenre too. And who could forget Lizzo’s recent hit, “Juice?”

In honor of this groovy new wave in pop music, we’ve put together a playlist featuring some of the hottest disco-inspired pop tracks of the 21st Century. Check it out below, and be sure to follow FanLabel on Spotify!

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