It’s Not “About Us,” It’s About You

why play the music?

music is universal

We believe in the power of music and its incredible ability to connect people across cultures, regions, and backgrounds.

fans first

We are revolutionizing the way fans interact with music, putting them at the forefront of the industry and giving them a voice.

fueling innovation

We are steadfast in our pursuit of creative and groundbreaking solutions that transform the music experience.

We envision a world where fans are more than an audience; they are influential curators in the music world. You are the heartbeat of the industry, the very reason music stars are born and legends are made.

Through FanLabel, you are no longer just a listener. You’re a game-changer, a talent scout, a stakeholder. Now, FanLabel is your corner office, your record label.

our mission

We aim to empower every fan, like you, to actively shape the music world, rewarding their passion and insight.

exclusivity in partnerships

Bonded with industry giants like UMG, WMG, and Sony.

data-driven decisions

Leveraging real-time analytics and our partnership with Luminate Data, we ensure we’re always in tune with the music industry.

uniqueness and protection

Our patented concept ensures a unique market position, safeguarded against competitors.

flexible integration

With a focus on third-party API integration, we aim to be the leading “Fantasy Sports for Music” API provider.

evolve and enhance

A consistent focus on refining user experience, increasing revenue streams, and proving our immense value to the music industry.

transcending platforms

Transitioning to a web-based hub, amplifying opportunities for content creation, enhanced engagement, and broader outreach.

your favorite artists.
your fantasy record label.

vibe with us

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Music-based gaming with real-world prizes