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The “Bones” of the Music Industry | #15

On this episode of Play the Music, Jeff and Mick interview keyboardist, vocalist and harmonica player, Jimmie Bones.

After meeting Kid Rock in the studio while recording with Robert Bradley, Jimmie eventually became Kid Rock’s full-time keyboardist, both recording and touring as a member of Twisted Brown Trucker. He then began contributing backing vocals and harmonica, and has co-writing credits with both Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker.

Jimmie is also a solo artist, singer and songwriter. This year, he’s released two singles, “Through Hell for Heaven’s Sake” and “Bittersweet.”

During the interview, he discusses:

  • How he broke into the music industry
  • His early inspirations
  • His favorite country artists and rock n’ roll bands of all time
  • His favorite (and least favorite) aspects of performing live
  • The creation process of his two current singles, released this year
  • The writing process

Then, the three make their picks for this week’s FanLabel “Hot New Music” Best of Five Challenge.

For more on Jimmie Bones, check out his music on Spotify, follow him on Facebook and visit his official website for show dates and more.

Jimmie Bones

Jimmie Bones

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