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Since the dawn of dance music in the late ‘70s, electronic production has grown in popularity. Many singers and rappers, including Beyonce and Kanye West, have doubled as producers for their own songs. Unfortunately, producers rarely received as much attention as singers, rappers or instrumentalists.

Nowadays, things have changed – the rise of EDM and trap music has shed light on talented producers. While it’s still common for singers to double as producers, there’s a growing trend of producers and groups who double as singers for their own music. Here are just a few of the countless rising electronic artists who feature original vocals (and be sure to look out for these names in future FanLabel contests):


Originally, Steven Zhu wanted to remain anonymous, separating his identity from his music. In fact, nobody even knew if Zhu was a single person or a singer/producer duo when he released his viral Outkast mashup “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” in 2014. Since then, Zhu’s rise to power has owed itself to his unique style of production and mesmerizing vocals.

Daft Punk

Possibly the most famous DJ duo of all time, Daft Punk has frequently incorporated their own vocals in their tracks. Usually edited to match their signature robotic sound, Daft Punk’s vocals are almost as iconic as their production.

Alison Wonderland

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Alexandra Sholler trained as a classical cellist and later became a bass guitarist for several indie bands. Eventually, her interest shifted to electronic music. Thriving as both producer and vocalist, Alison Wonderland has released two studio albums and earned a place on the 2017 DJ Mag Top 100.


This rising star brings a triple threat of vocals, production and instrumentals. He describes his music as “trap house jazz,” a unique blend of trap beats, piano and saxophone. By mixing genres together in unexpected ways, Masego is pushing the limits of what it means to be a versatile artist.


It’s uncommon for a musician to retain complete creative control over multiple albums and singles. Grimes is one of these rare talents, creating everything from vocals, production, album art and music videos. As a result, it’s hard to compare anything to her unique blend of indie vocals and glitchy electronic beats.

Party Pupils

Featuring dreamy, upbeat production by RyanEXOE and smooth, catchy vocals by MAX, this electronic duo is a name to watch out for. MAX has also built his own career, collaborating with big names like Louis the Child and Galantis.


During the electronic music boom in Los Angeles, former teen actors Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola found a new passion in DJing. Eventually, they began producing their own music with Kaplan on vocals. Their self-titled debut album, released in March 2017, reached No. 40 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.


A rare fusion of live instruments and electronic production, this indie dance trio is known for their relaxing house melodies. Both of their albums reached No. 1 on Australian Albums Chart.



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