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We’re always working on the latest and greatest version of the FanLabel app, and with that comes a slew of new and exciting features. With the release of version 4.5, users can now connect directly to their friends and gain followers. 

In order to follow other labels and prioritize their activity in your feed, simply search for users within the search box on the FanLabel app’s home screen.

home screenOnce you’ve typed a name in “search,” be sure to toggle over to the “Users” tab to find your friend’s label, as shown below.

usersThen, to follow a label, just click the black and white “follow” button next to the label name. The icon will then turn blue to indicate that you are now following the label. It’s that simple! 


Then, when you click over to Your Label, you’ll see your followers, along with the labels you’re following.

followers following

followers                          following

This social aspect of FanLabel is a total game changer! 

For starters, it means the competitiveness of the app has been ramped up significantly. It’s one thing to challenge yourself to see how many Quick Picks you can guess correctly on any given day. However, it’s quite another to add your friends and fellow tastemakers into the mix. 

Your music cred and reputation are now on the line! 

Here are a few ways following other labels will enhance your FanLabel gameplay experience: 

Get competitive…

What’s a little competition among friends? Your buds can see whether or not you got that Best-of-Five Challenge right or failed to draft the top artist in today’s Fantasy Contest, and vice versa. 

Start keeping tabs on your crew and see who among you has the best overall accuracy percentage when it comes to Quick Picks, Challenges and Fantasy Contests. 

Plus, your competitive nature may lead you to play FanLabel Contests and Challenges more frequently than you used to. That only benefits you in the long run, because it means you’re racking up Royalties, which you can combine with cash to get super cool and 100 percent licensed merch in the Marketplace.

… and brag about your victories!

When your label is the one that comes out on top among your intramural soccer league clique, we give you full permission to boast about it at practice.

Discover new music

One of our favorite aspects of FanLabel is, of course, music discovery. 

Every day in the app, FanLabel provides four Best-of-Five challenges with all brand new, just dropped tracks. Additionally, there are two new special contests and 10 Quick Picks each day. There are many, many songs you likely have not heard of yet (and of course several classics, as well).

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, listening to the same four songs on repeat for weeks at a time? (Me neither…) Once you dive into the social FanLabel experience, you certainly won’t have that problem anymore. Start following other labels in the app, and you just might come across a track or two you’ve never heard of before, or your new favorite artist, thanks to a friend with different musical taste.

Learn from the best

It’s no secret that our players who constantly top the global leaderboard each week have their gameplay strategies down to a T. 

These individuals are spotlighted on our weekly podcast, Play the Music, so it might behoove you to follow them and learn a thing or two from their gameplay strategies! 

If you have any questions regarding how to follow other labels within FanLabel, you can always reach us at

FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

Enjoy great music and fun contests as you operate your own fantasy record label in the FanLabel app! Pick the songs you think will rise on the contest charts. Compete for the top spot and become a music mogul!