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Music and movies go hand-in-hand. Not only does music play key roles for films in the form of scores, soundtracks and sound effects, but Hollywood has given us some pretty cool fictional bands and artists, as well.

Listed below are 10 of the best movie bands of all-time. These groups may not be real, but several on this list still receive legit rotation on our team’s playlists. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to work these fictitious bands into our FanLabel contests in the near future!

Without further ado, here is FanLabel’s list of best movie bands of all time…

10. The Barden Bellas, “Pitch Perfect”

Didn’t everyone have an indulgent “Glee” phase? No, just me?

Well, regardless, you can’t help but bop along to a cappella versions of your favorite Top 40 hit songs sung by Anna Kendrick and company. Throw in some covers from The Treblemakers for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a solid original motion picture soundtrack.

Stream now: “Bellas Finals: Price Tag/Don’t You (Forget About Me)/Give Me Everything”

 9. School of Rock, “School of Rock”

If you don’t enjoy the musical stylings of 11-year-olds covering classic AC/DC songs, I’m not sure what will appease you.

Stream now: “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock’n’ Roll) by School of Rock

8. Sex Bob-Omb, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

Music plays a pivotal role in this film, as Scott Pilgrim’s garage band, Sex Bob-Omb, is playing a battle of the bands show when he must fight Ramona Flowers’ first evil ex, thus setting off the plotline.

It’s worth noting that when Scott Pilgrim defeats Ramona’s second evil ex, Lucas Lee, we know we’re in an alternate reality; under no circumstances does Paulie Bleeker ever face off against Captain America and come out unscathed.

Stream now: “We Are Sex Bob-Omb”

7. Josie and the Pussycats, “Josie and the Pussycats”

I’m referring to the early 2000s Tara Reid version, rather than the animated cats. It’s funny how retaining important information can occasionally slip through the cracks of my brain, but its cells still cling to the lyrics of “Pretend to Be Nice.”

If you enjoy musical comedy and The Spice Girls, this band is on your level.

Stream now: “3 Small Words”

6. The Folksmen, “A Mighty Wind”

Christopher Guest is a master of the mockumentary, and this faux-folk band produces some real toe-tappers. Honorable mentions must also be given to additional musicians in the film, New Main Street Singers and Mitch & Mickey.

Stream now: “Skeletons of Quinto”

5. The Blues Brothers, “The Blues Brothers”

The Blues Brothers, composed of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, got their start as a sketch on Saturday Night Live. What began as a joke led to an album release, an opening act for The Grateful Dead and finally, a feature film.

Stream now: “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”

4. Curt Wild and Brian Slade/Maxwell Demon, “Velvet Goldmine”

Curt Wild is an Iggy Pop-type American rocker, and Brian Slade’s alter-ego, Maxwell Demon, is largely based on David Bowie. The film, and thus the soundtrack, is a glam rock dream.

While you may be quick to point out that these are more individual acts than bands, I won’t argue with you. I will put up a fight, however, if you think it doesn’t belong on this list.

Stream now: “Baby’s on Fire”

3. Stillwater, “Almost Famous”

As an aspiring journalist born in the wrong time, this film’s soundtrack was that of my early teens. Stillwater, a rock band based on the likes of The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin, is fronted by Russell Hammond, who is in fact, a golden god.

Stream now: “Fever Dog”

 2. The Wonders, “That Thing You Do!”

Written and directed by Tom Hanks, “That Thing You Do!” tells the story of The Wonders, a one-hit wonder pop band. The Beatles references are heavy, and the music is light and fun.

If you love the Fab Four, you’ll love the oh-NEE-ders.

Stream now: “That Thing You Do!”

1. Spinal Tap, “This is Spinal Tap”

A spoof on the heavy metal genre, Spinal Tap is the pinnacle of made-for-film bands you wish were real. The star of the show is the band’s lead guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, who brings humor to each and every performance.

Rated out of 10, this one goes to 11.

Stream now: “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight”

These are FanLabel’s favorite movie bands ever. 

FanLabel Staff

FanLabel Staff

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