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Technology MusicTechnology
Nov 18th 2018

The Tech Behind Those Hot Tracks You’re Streaming Today

We’re in a music explosion – in both breaking genre barriers and the amount of music being released. Today’s music technology is allowing for a new generation of music makers…

stress ChristmasMusic
Nov 16th 2018

Deck the Halls with Boughs of… Prozac?

‘Tis the season to pull your hair out, fa la la la la, la la la la! By the time you sit down to carve your Turducken for the family…

Nov 9th 2018

Country Music Grows Up

We are big fans of country music here at FanLabel. We realize that country music has come a long way, and today’s popular sound doesn’t often resemble the twangy, honky-tonk…

albums AlbumsMusic
Nov 2nd 2018

November Album Releases

November has begun, and there are several highly-anticipated albums dropping this month!   Here, we break down some of the albums we are most looking forward to here at FanLabel…

Oct 29th 2018

FanLabel’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Halloween is just a couple of days away, which means seasonal hits, such as the “Monster Mash” and “This Is Halloween” will be getting you into the creepy mood the…

alternative MusicNew Alternative
Oct 19th 2018

The New Alternative

We love to feature alternative music in the FanLabel app, and we have realized the alternative sound has shifted recently. Ten years ago, it was very easy to identify alternative…

posthumous MusicPosthumous
Oct 17th 2018

Life After Death: Posthumous album releases

The unfortunate reality is that many of our favorite artists leave us too soon. As fans, we develop visceral connections to musicians because of the way their words impact our…

productivity MusicProductivity
Oct 11th 2018

The Best Music Genres to Boost Your Productivity

Here at FanLabel, we’re obviously music obsessed. We’re always jamming, no matter where we are—in the car, walking the dog, at the gym, and especially at work. If you’re like…

album AlbumsMusic
Oct 2nd 2018

Upcoming Album Releases: What’s New in October?

Fall is officially here, and the album releases just keep on coming. There are several notable albums dropping this month, so allow FanLabel to be your guide as we prepare…

MusicOne Hit Wonders
Sep 19th 2018

One Hit Wonders – Where Are They Now?

One hit wonders--musicians or groups that have one hit song with no sequential songs that measure up to the prior’s success. Often we don’t even remember the name of that...
Sep 12th 2018

Our Best of the ’80s

The 1980s was an extraordinary decade for music. Music from the ’80s includes a wide array of incredible artists and songs and evolved fast, sounding significantly different at the end…

Producers MusicProducers
Sep 6th 2018

Music Producers…Who Also Sing?

Since the dawn of dance music in the late ‘70s, electronic production has grown in popularity. Many singers and rappers, including Beyonce and Kanye West, have doubled as producers for…

Adventures With Vultures InterviewsMusic
Aug 31st 2018

Artist Q&A Session: Adventures With Vultures

One of our main goals here at FanLabel is to help our users discover new music by introducing you to artists or sounds that you may not be familiar with….

Aug 28th 2018

The Ultimate End of Summer Road Trip Playlist

Picture this: it’s a perfectly warm summer afternoon. There’s nary a cloud in the sky, you’ve got a full tank of gas and a three-day weekend ahead of you. Pack…

staff picks MusicStaff Picks
Aug 21st 2018

FanLabel Staff Picks: What We’re Listening To

FanLabel’s editorial team is busy, but not so busy that we couldn’t rally among us to share what we’re listening to (and why) this week. And then, that of course…

Aug 20th 2018

Artists on the Rise: Who Should You Know?

Yes, the artists who dominate the radio airwaves and streaming platforms are extraordinary talents – they don’t get there by coincidence. Before they were famous musicians or even rising artists,…

Aug 15th 2018

Artists Using Real Instruments in Their Beats? What?

Hear the term “beat,” and immediately the image of a hipster pressing buttons in a DJ booth comes to mind. The rise of EDM along with unbridled new technology has…

Aug 1st 2018

Upcoming Album Releases: What’s New In August?

If you missed our recap of album releases from late June and July, have no worries! We’re back to let you know about all of the hottest upcoming album releases…

Classic RockMusic
Jul 27th 2018

Dear ’70s Music, We Love You

Dear ‘70s, As music decades go, you were one of the all-time best. You put the “classic” in “classic rock.”  You capped off an incredible run for Motown sounds. Your…

Jul 25th 2018

U.S. Vinyl Sales Soar, Jack White at the Top

Are digital downloads so yesterday? According to Nielsen’s U.S. Music Mid-Year Report 2018, vinyl LP sales have increased 19.2 percent this year over last year’s sales (7.6 million vs. 6.4…

MusicMusic Hubs
Jul 23rd 2018

5 “Other” Hubs for Music

One of FanLabel’s many goals is to introduce you to music you haven’t heard before and to get you listening “outside of your box.” One way to experience music in…

Jul 19th 2018

The Future of Concerts: Tech & Music Mashup

Gone are the days where you need a printed, paper ticket to gain access to your favorite musician’s concerts. These days, technology is making admission for concert-goers easier than ever….

hip-hop dances DanceHip-hopMusic
Jul 13th 2018

That Hip-Hop Dance Fad Thing

About once a year a new hip-hop song will come out accompanied by a dance...and it goes viral. These dances, often silly and easily mastered, will take over middle school...
Artists Music
Jul 11th 2018

25 Artists Under 25

Young music artists have always brought excitement to the music biz, and today as much as ever, they’re “all that.” With so many artists on the rise, it’s not so…

Jul 2nd 2018

Predicting Songs of the Summer 2018

Music pairs perfectly with the sunshine and great times that summer brings. Those unforgettable songs become the playlist summer memories are set to – becoming part of each year’s “Songs…

Jun 27th 2018

Upcoming Album Releases: What’s New In June and July?

In this era of music streaming services, it’s easier than ever to listen to full albums the moment they’re released. There are a lot of highly-anticipated albums dropping this summer,…

Movie Bands MoviesMusic
Jun 22nd 2018

10 Best Fictional Movie Bands of All Time

Music and movies go hand-in-hand. Not only does music play key roles for films in the form of scores, soundtracks and sound effects, but Hollywood has given us some pretty…

Jun 18th 2018

Get Ready for Summer with this 2018 Music Festivals Guide

Summertime. There’s no better season for taking in amazing music at live venues around the country. What a time to be able to experience the sounds we all love in…